Jasen Bacon

HyphenPunk is a one person show. I work as the editor, designer, outreach coordinator, and every other possible job within the magazine.

I have lived my life in the mountains of East Tennessee. I will always consider myself Appalachian, even if I don’t claim the south. I have been happily married for almost 20 years and have three children.

I have an M.A. in English and work as an adjunct professor where I teach composition and modern American literature. I was an English/journalism double major in undergrad with a focus on magazine editing. I ended up not finishing the journalism part when the college let go of the magazine professor because she didn’t believe in tenure (Dr. Wilson, you are punk as fuck).

In grad school, I was the editor of our college’s annual literary magazine The Mockingbird, which I also was published in (but not the year I was editor).

I am a life long punk rock addict and have been obsessed with -punk literature since I read Neuromancer in the late 80’s. I have called myself a cyberpunk since the 90’s (even though Punk Rock Joe (rip) said cyberpunk was for posers who couldn’t handle the streets) as I have been online longer than the world wide web. I miss Usenet, especially alt.punk, alt.anarchy, and alt.discordia.

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