What does it mean to be HyphenPunk?

I have thought long and hard about this question for the past year since I started HyphenPunk magazine. I first thought I was looking for great action and adventure with some cool tech, whether that was steam or computer powered. As I have moved forward and learned more about what people are writing, and more about new -punks that are coming up, I have realized that the stories I like to read, and the stories that my writers like to contribute, have an old school punk rock ethos and that is driving the philosophy of HyphenPunk moving forward.

The HyphenPunk philosophy is that a story should be punk first. Anti-authoritarian, anti-capitalist, community focused and DIY. The tech (cyber, steam, etc.) or vibe (hope, or whatever) exists to create the situation for the story to work from.

I’ve published ruralpunk, dinopunk, and other strange -punks without thinking twice because the stories were punk first. Of course there is always more cyberpunk than any other in each mag, but that is because it is more popular.

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