Sentience is an upcoming graphic novel by Elyse Russell, Dany Rivera, and Miranda Leyson currently being pitched for publication.

Writer: Elyse Russell enjoys writing short stories and graphic novels. Her first book, “Losing It,” will be released in July of 2022 with Cinnabar Moth Publishing. She has two graphic novels in production, so keep an eye out for them next year! Follow her on Twitter @ElyseRussell13  (BraveLittleTeapotThoughts). 

Artist: Dany Rivera is a Mexican comic artist with a soft spot for fantasy and sci-fi. An art student, she has been working on illustration and character design for over 7 years. She loves dogs, surfing, and cookies. Check out more of her amazing work at Follow her on Twitter @Dany_Comics.

Ink & Lettering: Miranda Leyson is a freelance artist based in Beaverton, Oregon. She has been doing freelance art for the past three years, primarily focused on character art and comics. Miranda just completed work on the indie comic series Decay (written by Randy Fortunato) and is currently working on the creator-owned web series Winged. Follow her on Twitter @miracosm


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